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 Energy assessment & planning sessions

 Guidance on individualized energy plans

  Networking and mentoring opportunities 

 Volunteer Energy Advisors

 Community Energy Raisers 

 Energy Exchange 

Membership Meetings

 Access to the Energy Initiative’s Resource Library

 Notification of special programs/resources through membership updates.

Step #1:  Become a member of SEAREI.  

Step #2:  Once you become a member, you will be invited to attend a SEAREI Energy Raiser.  

Step #3: You will be assigned to a team and will receive a training.  Teams include:

  Rack installers (wall or roof)

  Wiring/Controller Install

•  Basement Plumbing, Chase Plumbing

  Pipe Insulating

  Tube Assembly Line

 Observer/Extra Hand.

Tradespeople and Handypersons are encouraged to bring tools such as cordless drills, tool belts with work gloves, tape measurers, rag and utility knife.

SEAREI Energy Raising Schedule  

When you arrive at the Energy Raiser site, you will participate in a Work Team and Planning Meeting.  At noon, there will be time for more information and a tour for newcomers and the public.  Lunch will be supplied by the host family for the crew.  The afternoon includes the tube assembly line.  The Energy Raiser concludes with a celebration, wrap-up, and clean up.

                                                            SEAREI is a registered 501.C3 not-for-profit organization.  
                                           P.O.Box 625, Portsmouth, NH 03802