Welcome, we are glad that you found Portsmouth Climate Action! We work to empower the Portsmouth community—residents, businesses, organizations, and schools—to take action to reduce climate change. These actions will 

  • lower our community’s greenhouse gas emissions and toxic chemicals
  • increase the number of climate-aware and active citizens 
  • accelerate progress on the development and implementation of Portsmouth’s climate action plan

Our key messages:

  • Portsmouth faces risks from current and anticipated climate change.
  • Reducing greenhouse gasses will help slow down the impact of climate change.
  • For Portsmouth, the primary contributors to greenhouse gasses are gas-powered vehicles and fossil fuels used to heat, cool, and power homes and buildings.
  • Citizens can make a difference by learning about their carbon impact and making changes as they can. 
  • The city of Portsmouth is creating a climate action plan with roles for the city and community.
  • For climate justice, information and opportunities must be available to all, including roles for participation, collaboration, and leadership.

Portsmouth Climate Action is a committee of Seacoast Climate Action Now, a longstanding grassroots nonprofit organization. Portsmouth Climate Action is run completely by volunteers. The group works closely with the city of Portsmouth Department of Planning and Sustainability and the Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainable Practices, while maintaining an independent voice. Portsmouth Climate Action will be reaching out to partner with many individuals, organizations, and businesses. 

Here are a few things you can consider doing in the meantime: 

  • Sign up for Portsmouth’s BrightAction app, where there are lots of actions you can take.
  • Start composting and reduce food waste and waste generally.
  • Shift to biking, walking, ride-sharing, and limit your use of gas vehicles.
  • Sign up for Community Power and choose a higher renewable energy option (and still cheaper) at https://www.communitypowernh.gov/portsmouth 
  • Check to see if you qualify for an energy audit and discount home insulation at https://nhsaves.com/  

Portsmouth is creating a Climate Action Plan that will support these actions.

See this guide for planning environmentally friendly events.