Portsmouth WRAD (Waste Reduction and Diversion), a subcommittee of SEAREI formed by a group of concerned Portsmouth City residents, with the goal of identifying and supporting ways for our community to reduce carbon emissions through food waste reduction, food recovery, and diverting organics from the waste stream.  

Nearly half of the solid waste produced globally is organic and biodegradable. Much of it ends up in landfills; there, it decomposes in the absence of oxygen and produces the greenhouse gas methane, which is up to 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.  While many landfills have some form of methane management, it is far more effective to divert organic waste to composting.  

WRAD is working with the City of Portsmouth to support the existing program of keeping food scraps out of the waste stream through improved signage and public outreach.

Contact – PortsmouthWRAD@gmail.com