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September 2017 Hurricanes Maria & Irma Ravage the Island of Puerto Rico


The ‘Rican Structing Project is a New England based humanitarian response for which SEAREI is the lead agency. Formed end of 2017 in response to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria when they hit Puerto Rico in September 2017. Organizers determined a more focused and robust response was required after analysis determined rebuilding would be a multi-year process and that the response from FEMA has been problematic.

 It has been approximately 6-months since Irma and Maria hit, yet approximately 15% of the Island is still without power – the longest blackout in U.S. history. This includes approximately 40% of schools without consistent power who are either completely closed or only operating part-time. Disproportionally effected are poorer communities in the more remote, mountainous regions of the island. These communities have limited access to basic needs such as clean water, food, electricity and healthcare. The response has been made more difficult by damage to roads and bridges leaving communities isolated for long periods. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be an isolated event given the increased frequency of superstorms caused by climate change combined with PR’s geographic location and failing infrastructure. Any response must be forward-thinking with a focus on solutions that empower these communities to help themselves now and in the future.  


Funds raised through Rican Structing will be used to purchase, deliver and deploy portable solar generator systems, community-sized water filtration systems and RDM portable shelters. Through a partnership with Puerto Rico Rises a 501 c(3) Florida-based non-profit with facilities in Puerto Rico, the donated equipment will be used and maintained in the communities that need it most. Communities currently being served by PRR include: Yabucoa, Maricao, Utuado, Naguabo, Ciales, Comerio, Lares, Juncos, Maunabo.  

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Help Puerto Rico

Please consider making a tax deductible donation through SEAREI to help communities trying to recover in Puerto Rico.  Any amount is appreciated and will help, but if you want to maximize your impact consider fully funding a solar generator or Life Straw water purification system.

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SEAREI has entered into a partnership agreement with Puerto Rico Rises to provide our Rican Structing aid equipment for deployment and management in the communities they are serving. [Currently: Yabucoa, Maricao, Utuado, Naguabo, Ciales, Comerio, Lares, Juncos, Maunabo.] PRR will take ownership of the equipment we provide and then move it between users identified through their needs assessment process. Equipment will be made available to end users at no cost, but a community leader or head of household will be required to sign a use agreement and waiver of liability to receive the equipment. Once the community/household is stabilized PRR will move the equipment to the next community/household in need. This maximizes the return on the invested equipment and greatly expands those it can serve. Each piece of equipment will be inventoried and monitored by its serial number. When the crisis has passed, equipment will be properly cleaned, maintained and stored until the next need is identified.

Rican Structing is providing lifesaving equipment that includes: Solar generators; Rapid Deployment Module (RDM) Shelters and Community Life Straw Water Filtration Systems.

The generators are portable 30, 90 & 330-watt systems, which can power electronics, fans and small dorm-sized refrigerators and more. The water filtration systems will be stationed at schools, churches, municipal buildings, and hospitals so that people can fill clean jugs with filtered, bacteria-free water. The RDM Shelters are small modular buildings designed to provide safe, insulated, securable, semi-permanent shelter in disaster-stricken areas. They are comprised of just 40-odd pieces that can be shipped and assembled quickly and easily without the use of special tools or skilled labor.  See pictures below.    

The approximate cost to purchase, administer and deliver each individual system:

  •  Rapid Deployment Module (RDM) Shelter $9,500.00
  • Community Life Straw Water Purification System $445.00
  • 330 Watt Solar Generator $1,900.00
  • 90 Watt Solar Generator $850.00
  • 30 Watt Solar Generator $400.00

Our Partners

impact of hurricane maria on moca, puerto rico


Months after hurricane Maria, most Moca residents suffer from:

  • Lack of electricity, or at best, reliable electricity, resulting in the inability to communicate because of uncharged phones and computers
  • No clean water, except for the non-sustainable temporary solution of shipped-in bottled water
  • No refrigeration for food and medicine
  • No fans to alleviate the heat, a problem especially for the elderly

A Tale of Two Puerto Ricos

The future of Puerto Rico depends on more than simply mending what Maria destroyed. Bloomberg followed an ad-hoc crew of volunteers into the hardest hit areas to help those still in need of urgent medical care. Video by Matt Goldman, Kalim Armstrong, Thomas Dexter.  Fun fact: Kalim is the son of one of the founding members of SEAREI, Melinda Salazar.  Great work Kalim for spreading the  word about what is happening in Puerto Rico!