Hurricane Maria struck the US Territory of Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017 causing catastrophic damage. Recovery has been slow and is expected to take 3 to 4 years. While the government grapples with rebuilding infrastructure, an alarming number of families are still living in the wreckage of their homes. Most impacted are vulnerable populations such as the elderly and poor – for them the disaster is not over. The Rican Structing Project is a New England based effort led by SEAREI and Visible Good that launched in January 2018 to help 100 struggling families in Puerto Rico rebuild their lives.

It has been one year since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico and thousands remain in damaged, unsafe homes without reliable power or water. Visible Good is supporting SEAREI in its GIMME5 for Puerto Rico campaign. Funds will provide shelter, clean water and power to help people still struggling in Puerto Rico.

SEAREI and Visible Good have teamed up with on-island partner Puerto Rico Rises (PRR) to provide much needed Shelter Kits. Each kit will include a Visible Good RDM shelter with lighting and power distribution; a Water Purification System and Solar Generator. Funds raised by the campaign will directly affect over 100 families still crippled by Hurricane Maria. A Shelter Kit will be delivered and set up by PRR so that the family has a safe place to live while their permanent home is rebuilt. Once the home is complete, The Shelter Kit is packed down, cleaned and moved by PRR to the next family in need. There are still thousands of homes in Puerto Rico in need of major repair. Because PRR maintains responsibility for all equipment, the program will help build resilience as future storms threaten the island.


Delivery Plans

Shelter Kits will be shipped from Newburyport, MA directly to Puerto Rico Rises in Aguadilla, PR.

The campaign intends to ship Shelter Kits in sets of 2 or more as quickly as the funding is available.  In the event that funding is received in excess of the Campaign Target, SEAREI will either elect to send additional Shelter Kits or will distribute any excess dollars directly to Puerto Rico Rises to be used to support the overall mission to help the people of Puerto Rico.


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